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Reach for the Stars and elect John Nova!

Join our team to propel our community into an age of innovation and unity. Vote John Nova for Starfield District Representative.

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Who are we

Welcome to the campaign hub of John Nova, your advocate for the Starfield District Representative seat. A veteran of the cosmos, John pledges to champion policies that advance education, pioneer technological growth, and fortify community bonds. Discover John's vision, delve into his policy positions, and join our journey to a thriving future.

John's Background

Meet John Nova From commanding space expeditions to steering community initiatives, John Nova's journey is marked by leadership, collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to education and scientific advancement. As he campaigns for Starfield District Representative, John brings an out-of-this-world perspective to ground-level concerns, ensuring that our district leads the charge in sustainable living and space-age technology.

Vision Statement

Our Path Forward Envision our next generation as leaders in technology, our local economy energized by groundbreaking ventures, and our district setting the standard for eco-friendly living. John's mission is to realize this vision by integrating the spirit of space exploration into every policy initiative – transforming our educational systems, fortifying infrastructure, and uniting the community in our shared quest for excellence.

John's Stance on Critical Issues

  • Education for Tomorrow: Establishing advanced STEM programs that harness the awe of space to fuel student creativity and critical thinking.

  • A Green Horizon: Pushing for robust environmental policies that draw inspiration from the fragility of our planet seen from orbit.

  • Economic Expansion: Boosting the local economy by supporting startups and businesses focused on space technology and research.

Who are we

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